Latest Update on Eurosteel 2021        

6 May 2021

I hope you are all in good health.

We have deliberately left a decision on the format of Eurosteel 2021 as late as is feasibly possible.  Looking at the current and predictable situation concerning the COVID-19 pandemic, we can see that the situation on lockdowns and vaccinations internationally is very variable.  It is predictable that the vaccination programmes in many countries will be substantially complete by September, although the take-up of vaccination seems variable.  However in others it seems impossible to gauge the effects of limited vaccine supply or variants of the virus.

More importantly, it seems very likely that confidence in international air travel will not have recovered by early September.  It is likely that conference delegates will be unwilling to book their flights in advance when they may not eventually be able to travel, or may be faced with unacceptable quarantine periods either in the UK or when they return home.

With great regret we therefore believe that the risk of planning a traditional conference is too high, and that Eurosteel 2021 will have to be held in virtual format.

We have consulted our International Steering and Scientific Committees, and they are unanimously in agreement with this decision. We are now investigating the leading web-based conference platforms.

  • Our provisional decisions at present are:To run the conference as a virtual event, from 1-3 September 2021.
  • Registration for the conference will open on 17 May.
  • We will consolidate registration fees to a uniform 350 GBP for Senior Researchers and 300 GBP for Student Researchers.
  • The ‘Sponsorship’ web-pages will continue to be suspended for the present, but we will offer our supporters and sponsors the opportunity to be represented.
  • We anticipate that we will ask presenting authors to pre-record their presentations in order to avoid some of the usual frustrations with web-based conferencing, but that the Q & A sessions will be “live”.
  • In order for your paper to be presented, and published in the Proceedings, it is necessary for the presenting author to have registered for Eurosteel 2021.

Best wishes to all our authors and intended participants

Ian Burgess
(Conference Chair)