Latest Update on Eurosteel 2021        

1st February 2021

Because of the COVID19 pandemic the Eurosteel 2020 conference, which had been due to take place in September 2020, was postponed until 1-3 September 2021.  It was broadly assumed that the pandemic would have died-down and that international travel would have resumed by then.  At present there is still considerable uncertainty about both of these linked issues.

The options appear to be either to run a traditional face-to-face conference or a virtual event from 1-3 September 2021.  We have recently consulted our International Steering and Scientific Committees on the possibilities.  On balance their advice has been that we should leave our decision until about Easter, when the rate of development of the pandemic internationally should be more predictable.  The alternatives, of a further postponement or attempting to run a hybrid event, have been rejected.

This is the first of a series of updates on the current situation.  Our provisional decisions at present are:

  • To run the conference, either traditionally or virtually, from 1-3 September 2021.
  • For the current tranche of provisionally accepted abstracts, for which the Full Paper submission date was 31 January, we will consider individual requests for extensions sympathetically, and on a practical basis.
  • In general we hope to have final decisions on Full Papers by 15 March.
  • Registration for the conference is under review, but will probably open in early April.
  • We will consolidate registration fees to a uniform 350 GBP for senior researchers and 300 GBP for young researchers. Early-bird registration will be abandoned.
  • The ‘Sponsorship’ web-pages will be suspended until the situation becomes clearer, but we intend to offer supporters and sponsors the opportunity to be represented.

Best wishes to all our authors and intended participants in this unusual and difficult time.

Ian Burgess
(Conference Chair)